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Do everything you can to make sure your customers are satisfied. Always take the extra step. Include freebies with their order, or include a letter thanking them for their business. Customers like to feel acknowledged for their business. The more appreciated they feel, the more likely they will choose to spend their hard earned money with you.

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Be Published, Anywhere- This doesn't mean that you have to be published by the biggest houses in the country. Not at all. It just means that it never hurts to have published written content available if asked for some samples. It shows that you can write and definitely well enough to get published somewhere, quite frankly anywhere. Blogging is a great place to start. You probably will not make much money at all to start, but that shouldn't be the objective. It is a great starting point to write, build an audience and to get published and then go from there.

It's easy to go round pressing your card on everyone at a meeting, but it's often a waste of cards. Many people won't keep cards unless they can remember the person who gave it to them so unless you had a conversation it could just end up professional email address ideas in the bin.

Boost your opt-in list. It is a must that you do follow-ups to easily convert your prospects to buying customers. This will not happen if you don't have the means to contact them. Launch an aggressive list building campaign where you can convince more people to subscribe by giving away freebies and discounts.

Research, research, research. Most job fairs have an online webpage with a list of possible companies signed up to attend. Take the time to find out about as many companies that interest you as you can. If they do not have a job announcement that you are not interested in, they may still have a position that you would like. If you make a good impression on the HR person there they are more likely to remember you professional email address ideas when that position comes open and give you a chance. Things to research could be: products, mission statement, leadership, performance, location and their target customers. It takes a little more effort than just looking at the company website.

Your office needs some sort of door or "barrier". Your office needs to be separate from the living areas in the home. This will be a mental and physical signal that your work space is separate from your rest space. The separation will help you to leave your work behind when you are busy with the rest of your life.

Use a clever email addresses ideas. Using a funky or generic email address could prevent you from receiving opportunities. Create a professional email address and don't use your personal one.

Choose a question title. It doesn't necessarily need to be in the form of a question. For instance, your first "question" may simply be "Name" if you want to know who responded to the survey.

You wouldn't want to be seen as tacky purely because you have a cheap email address. It could be worth thousands, so treat it that way, don't be cheap get a domain name, and create a professional address.

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